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 Whole House Rental, Spend the Holidays in Newport 2024 into 2025

                                     Plan ahead for Thanksgiving ,Christmas and New Years Eve.....

 Book a holiday month in our 300-year-old award-winning house. This lovingly restored 18th-century sea captain's home on the bay blends the rich history of a historic house with modern amenities.

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Welcome to the Captain Simeon Potter House B&B

A quintessential bed & breakfast with a water view and within walking distance of the shops in historic Newport, Rhode Island. THINK SAILING

The Captain Simeon Potter House, lodging in the center of Newport RI, is a great base for a vacation or a business trip. It's also the perfect venue for reunions, parties, corporate events, and spending time with family and friends. Our Newport RI bed and breakfast is available for shared or exclusive use.

This lovingly restored 18th-century sea captains home on the bay blends the rich history of the house with modern amenities, including heated towel bars, marble bathrooms, individual heat/AC, TV's, WIFI and phone ports.

After a sumptuous breakfast of fruit-filled crepes, one can sink into a book in the most comfortable of period furnishings in the sun-drenched library. Unhurried; understated; we cater to the worldly visitor. With meticulous attention to detail, we'll also craft your personal itinerary for touring the bay and experiencing all the Things To Do in Newport RI.

Browse through the wonderfully charming little shops in the historic Brick Market in Washington Square. Explore the cobblestone side streets and meander Bowen's and Bannister's Wharves. With pedestrian-friendly streets and outdoor restaurants, allow yourself to experience the charm of this old seaport.

Newport has the highest concentration of Colonial Homes in the nation. The "Point," the oldest section of Newport is a National Historic Landmark District. In addition to the beautiful views of the water, the Point neighborhood is known for the many private gardens that are opened to the public during the annual Secret Garden Tour.

The Simeon Potter House is a proud recipient of the 2005 Newport Historical Preservation Award!

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"My husband and I stayed at this wonderful B&B for a beautiful fall weekend in Newport. We were blown away by Joanna's hospitality...over and over she went above and beyond for us (and she is a great cook!). The house is a gem, with three hundred years of history under its eaves. The location can't be beat--it's right near the water, a stone's throw from the downtown area and all the shops and restaurants. It's also right across from the shipyard where you can gape at the making of billionaire's yachts.

I can't imagine staying anywhere else when we return to Newport."

- Crystal King, Google Review

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Visit Newport....  Newport abounds with history and food that give rise to the satisfying senses of curiosity and fine dining.  Take a history walking tour that takes you through neighborhoods and streets that most tourists never see, finish it of with a delightful, dining experience on the wharf.  And finally on your return along the harbor to the Captain Simeon Potter House, for that relaxing nap, take that last photo of the emblematic Newport Bridge.

Guest Rooms at Captain Simeon Potter House in Newport, Rhode IslandGuest Rooms
Breakfast at Captain Simeon Potter House in Newport, Rhode IslandBreakfast
Tour the Breakers Mansions at Newport Rhode IslandThings To Do in Newport RI

Newport, RI, offers a tapestry of outstanding qualities that elevate it to a premier destination:

  1. Timeless Elegance: Newport's historic charm is captivating, with its well-preserved architecture and opulent mansions evoking a sense of bygone grandeur. Discerning tourists appreciate the city's commitment to preserving its heritage, immersing themselves in the stories of its storied past.
  2. Exclusive Coastal Retreat: Nestled along the idyllic shores of Narragansett Bay, Newport exudes an air of exclusivity and refinement. Discerning travelers are drawn to the city's pristine beaches, exclusive yacht clubs, and secluded waterfront estates, seeking respite from the bustle of everyday life.
  3. Cultural Sophistication: Newport's cultural offerings rival those of larger cities, with its world-class museums, art galleries, and performing arts venues. Discerning tourists indulge in the city's cultural riches, attending classical concerts, gallery openings, and theatrical performances.
  4. Epicurean Delights: Newport's culinary scene is a feast for the senses, with its diverse array of gourmet restaurants, farm-to-table eateries, and artisanal food shops. Discerning foodies savor the city's fresh seafood, locally-sourced ingredients, and innovative cuisine, delighting in each culinary masterpiece.
  5. Nautical Opulence: As a playground for the affluent, Newport offers unparalleled nautical experiences, from exclusive yacht charters to prestigious sailing regattas. Discerning travelers revel in the city's maritime heritage, exploring its historic harbors, luxurious marinas, and world-class yacht clubs.
  6. Luxurious Accommodations: Newport's accommodations cater to the discerning traveler, with its boutique hotels, historic inns, and waterfront resorts offering impeccable service and unparalleled amenities. Discerning tourists indulge in lavish accommodations, elegant furnishings, and breathtaking ocean views during their stay.
  7. Bespoke Shopping: Newport's shopping districts are a haven for the discerning shopper, with their upscale boutiques, designer shops, and artisanal craft galleries. Discerning travelers seek out unique treasures and one-of-a-kind finds, browsing for exquisite jewelry, fine art, and bespoke furnishings.
  8. Recreational Pursuits: Newport's natural beauty provides a backdrop for a myriad of recreational pursuits, from leisurely strolls along scenic cliffside paths to exhilarating water sports on the bay. Discerning tourists embrace the city's outdoor offerings, seeking serenity in its parks, gardens, and nature reserves.
  9. Historical Landmarks: Discerning travelers delight in Newport's array of historic landmarks, from iconic lighthouses to colonial-era buildings, offering a glimpse into the city's storied past and architectural wonders.
  10. Seasonal Delights: Throughout the year, Newport charms visitors with seasonal festivals, vibrant blooms in spring, and picturesque foliage in autumn, providing discerning tourists with unforgettable experiences year-round.